USDA to Help Build and Improve Water and Wastewater Infrastructure for People in Rural America

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2023 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Under Secretary Xochitl Torres Small today invited applications for partnerships to ensure rural people have access to clean drinking water and modern wastewater systems. 

USDA is making grants available under two different programs with similar objectives but differing eligible groups. Nonprofit organizations may apply for funding to create lending programs to help rural homeowners build, refurbish, and service water wells and individually owned household wastewater systems. In a separate program, private nonprofits can apply for funding to help public entities build and improve water and wastewater disposal systems in rural areas. Both programs are designed for grant recipients to create revolving loan funds for water and wastewater needs in rural areas. 

Applicants to the Rural Decentralized Water Systems Grant Program may receive grants to provide up to $15,000 in loans and sub-grant funds to homeowners. Applicants to the Revolving Funds for Financing Water and Wastewater Projects program may provide up to $200,000 in loans to finance water and wastewater projects. 

To learn more, read full Stakeholder Announcement.

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