Why You Should Join YOWA

Being a member of an organization representing the collective professional interests of practitioners within the onsite industry is an investment in your future. As you are aware, there are significant legislative, policy and technical changes occurring within New England. Decisions made on these topics affect not only the environment but the economic interests and the future of our industry. We believe that by working together, with a strong and united voice, we can truly make a difference in the development of future programs, events, and legislation affecting the onsite industry. Our message to prospective members is that… we plan to work to protect the environment and enhance your professional and economic interests.

YOWA is a New England based organization. YOWA’s mission is to support and grow the onsite wastewater industry in New England through:

  • Continuing education seminars and training for our members.
  • Co-sponsoring the “New England Short Course”, a three day exhibition and educational conference typically held every 3 years which last occurred in April 2016 in Taunton, Massachusetts. This conference is a great place to network with professionals in the industry from New England and across the country and to see the cutting edge technologies and equipment that are entering the market place.
  • Offering a forum for all professionals in the industry to join together to discuss and work on those issues that will contribute to success of the industry.
  • The growth of the onsite industry will require that all industry sectors work together – and YOWA needs the practitioners in New England to be a part of this important organization. By joining, you will become a member of the only regional and national organizations that represents all of the professional sectors of the onsite/decentralized wastewater industry. We look forward to having you become a part of YOWA!

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