Board of Director Interview: Rob Sarmanian

Can you introduce yourself?
Rob Sarmanian, President of Oakson, Inc.

Can you provide some background of your experience in the onsite wastewater field?
Started with Oakson in 2008 for the design and installation of Perc-Rite® Drip Dispersal Systems.  Worked with engineers on developing site plans.  Helped contractors onsite with installations.  Assisted health officials in plan review and compliance.  Residential, commercial, and municipal applications.  Actively participated in projects in all 6 New England states.  Have presented at conferences and hosted many technical seminars.  Member of Small Community Committee (NEWEA). 

Why were you interested in joining YOWA’s Board?
Close affiliation with past and present board members.  My experience and ideas closely align with YOWA’s vision.  Have experience with onsite wastewater throughout the region.  It was the right time in my career to be an active member of the organization.

What would you like to accomplish during your term on the Board?
Looking for a long-term approach.  First term become acclimated with YOWA’s purpose by listening and learning from other board members.  Moving forward, hoping to bring new ideas and perspectives to the group.

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